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Cooking Pastes

Namjai Red Curry Paste, 50g
Save 47%
Rs.320.00 Rs.170.00
Thai Heritage Basil Paste, 110ml
Save 39%
Rs.385.00 Rs.235.00
Smiki Hoisin Sauce, 230g
Save 38%
Rs.395.00 Rs.245.00
Real Thai Coconut Cream, 400ml
Save 34%
Rs.439.00 Rs.289.00
Namjai Red Curry Paste, 400g
Save 32%
Rs.470.00 Rs.320.00
Talad Thai Tamrind Paste, 250g
Save 31%
Rs.490.00 Rs.340.00
Tra Chang Thai Shrimp Paste, 400g
Save 31%
Rs.490.00 Rs.340.00
Namjai Green Curry Paste, 400g
Save 30%
Rs.503.50 Rs.353.50
Al Bayan Tahina Paste, 500gms
Save 40%
Rs.620.00 Rs.370.00
Yoka Soya Miso Paste, 1kg
Save 32%
Rs.774.00 Rs.524.00
CHUA HAH SENG - Chilli Paste, 900g
Save 28%
Rs.900.00 Rs.650.00
S & B Golden Curry (198gm)
Save 42%
Rs.2,250.00 Rs.1,300.00