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Buy Bounty chocolates in India on Chocokick.Com, Chocokick offers large veriety of Bounty chocolates at lowest prices in India. Bounty is a chocolate bar manufactured by Mars, Incorporated and sold internationally. It was introduced in 1951 in the United Kingdom and Canada, initially only with a milk chocolate coating.

Bounty has a coconut filling enrobed with milk chocolate (which is sold in a blue wrapper) or dark chocolate (which is sold in a red wrapper) and is usually sold as two pieces wrapped in one package.
Since 2006, a cherry flavoured version has also been available in Australia. This was initially a limited edition flavour, but remained available as of 2013. In Europe, a limited edition mango flavour was available in 2004-05 and in Russia and Ukraine in 2010. A pineapple flavoured edition was available in Russia during 2014.
Although Bounty is no longer distributed by Mars in the United States (a similar product, Mounds, is marketed by Hershey's), it can be found at World Market and in the international sections of many supermarkets there.

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